Friday, November 5, 2010

What the game is about!

Since we have said a lot about how we build the game let's take a break and discuss what is the game about among with some screenshots of the beta version. Have fun!

Game Story
It’s 2052AD and the Global financial crisis remains unresolved. Poorer countries made futile attempts to revive their economy by selling islands and other parts of the land to richer countries. Richer countries had nowhere to turn to for help. The situation was critical, with a Third World War looming.

That’s why when an Alien Federal Bank offered to buy Earth for a massive amount of gold and solve everyone’s economic problem for ever, Humanity jumped at the opportunity without paying any real attention to the fine print of the deal. And the deal was that the Aliens can use the Earth for garbage disposal.

50 years later Earth is brimming with alien garbage. Garbage is everywhere, on land, sea, air and even space making life on Earth impossible. People tried several times to escape this hell but the thick layer of space debris that orbit the planet makes any attempt to escape futile.

Time is running out for Humanity and people have to make one last effort to resist the Alien invasion by forming small teams to penetrate the thick layer of space debris and fight the Aliens off our Solar System. You are the leader of such team.

Desperate times call for unlikely heroes. Cleaning garbage has never been so honorable!

The Game
Space Debris will look and feel like a retro arcade game. A “scrolling shooter” has some traditional elements that characterise the genre like top-down viewed vertical scrolling action, specific levels and “Bosses” that are enormous in size and difficult to win.

Space Debris is both a game with classic favor and a wholly new and addictive game in its own right. The concept is simple: playing alone or with a partner survive and clean the mess (space debris). 

The pace is fast and furious and the tone anything but serious. The focus here is on a fast-paced action/arcade game that is all about immediate and engrossing gameplay for mass-market and hardcore gamers alike. 

The full game will offer 3 Stages with 5 Levels each which combined with difficulty levels available will lead to a total of more than 3h gameplay if the game-over message does not appear in between. 8 types of weapons, 4 levels of weapon upgrades, 2 destructive powers, 15 bosses to fight with in each difficulty option and much more are in this game.

Let's have a brief overview:

Game Modes

In this selection of Challenge mode you get the collector vessel and using the debris manipulation mechanism provided you have to survive the alien attacks. Having to play with collector vessel this mode is considered more difficult than the other available modes since you are not able to use the combined weapons but only the suitable for that ship.

With each player having independent view of each level map, one gets the interceptor and the other the collector ship to play with. Each player can use each vessel’s unique weaponry to send alien hordes back home. Driven by two minds instead of one players benefit from both fighter vessel firepower and debris manipulation technique to achieve maximum score results.

It is game’s single player mode using the combined interceptor fighter and collector vessel to one ship. Player can choose from all available weapons from both craft types to fight back the enemies or clear the path from space debris or do both things at the same time. Although, player is free to explore all the level areas it is impossible to get the maximum score with this play mode.   

Each mode can be altered more by a number of factors like difficulty settings. The first option limits the available weapons to the bare minimum, the second one removes also any power-up from levels and the third increases the speed additionally for Hard, Alien and Impossible settings respectively.

The ships in Space Debris are near future crafts with advanced alloys and integrated ethereal/organic elements. The different types of ships also allow the implementation of different gameplay for each type of ship which uses different weapons leading to extra fun for players. 

A variety of weapons are available to chose from but the most interesting are the Collector type ones since Grabber, Freezer and Blaster are able to manipulate asteroids and other debris to send aliens back home.

Georgios Chiotis

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